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Local running on the coast path

It doesn’t always go according to plan!
Since I’ve got plenty of free time at the moment I decided that I would run from home to Mordialloc along the beach path, and I did that yesterday. It was great, and there was quite a bit of the coast path beyond Ricketts Point that I have not run for a long time so I had forgotten what it was like. I think they have even built a new surf club building down at Mordy. The path was a bit busier than I expected for a Monday, not just dog walkers but runners too. Between Black Rock and Ricketts Point you have to run by the road for a couple of kilometres and beyond Ricketts Point the path is quite discontinuous until you reach the nicer part at Beaumaris. The part I looked forward to the least was the long flat beachside kilometres through Mentone and Parkdale; that’s a great place to run but the timing of that section when it comes towards the end of a long run is difficult, as it’s so flat and seemingly endless.
I went to Main Street for breakfast (…

Surf Coast run

I had a great run along the Surf Coast Walk over two days. It's either 44 km or 46 km in total because the map is inconsistent, broken up into about twelve stages. The trail is in sight of the ocean almost all the way, sometimes right on the beach or just above it on cliffs, and often passing through low scrub. So it was very varied, with fire trails, single track, beach and walking tracks. It was more hilly than I expected and I had to cope from time to time with a strong headwind.
I did the trail over two days because it is not possible to get to the start at Point Impossible by public transport (of course!). So I ran from Torquay out to Point Impossible on Sunday, ran the first two sections of the trail back to Torquay (Point Danger) and stayed overnight, doing the bulk of the route (40 km) on Monday. It was a lucky decision because I would have copped some rain had I continued running on Sunday.
I had run from Torquay to Anglesea on this trail before, a long time ago, and done b…

My run from Wangaratta to Bright

Just to do something different I decided to run the Murray to the Mountains Rail Trail from Wangaratta to Bright. It was a good way to be able to do a long run outside of Melbourne without having to go through the stresses of a race and without having to run on roads, plus the advantages of someone having worked out the route for me and, hopefully, put up signposts. I did it in three stages: from Wang station to Bowser on the edge of the town (about 10 km), from Bowser to Myrtleford (about 45 km), from Myrtleford to Bright (about 31 km). I carried minimal gear in my ultra vest: tights, fleece, spare running shirt, underwear, toothbrush, phone and charger, money and glasses, plus 1 1/2 litres of water and some gels and bars. The vest was full and my pockets were full. There was no rain on the forecast so I didn’t take a raincoat. I had the map of the trail on my phone. It turned out to be extremely well signed.
The train arrived in Wang after 3pm and I was pleased to immediately find si…