Training run in Himeji

I thought I should go for a little run this morning, here in Himeji, Japan. I mean, there’s a marathon tomorrow and I can’t keep up this theme indefinitely of running marathons without doing any training. But I was reluctant for several reasons. Mainly laziness. Also I was worried that running would enliven my stomach upset which was about the worst one I have ever had and was showing signs of retreating. 

I looked around for my running clothes, which were alarmingly few for a day of just 3 degrees. To the usual tights and T shirt I added some elbow length gloves I had salvaged from an op-shop pile at home and my buff which I think is dead unattractive. I felt warm enough - while inside. 

At the entrance to the hotel I got a surprise: it was raining! I couldn’t see the rain from my bedroom window. By chance a runner was just entering the hotel as I left and I muttered about the rain and cold to him; he recommended the covered shopping arcades adjacent to the hotel. That would be a first: a run through shopping arcades!

Nope, I headed out into the rain, which was not heavy. But I had tried one block of arcade, finding it freezing cold and slippery.

I ran very slowly towards the castle, which is just lovely, and planned to run around it, follow the inner moat for a while and return. It was not misty at all so I had great views of the castle. The city is full on about the marathon with flags and signs everywhere, however I did not see any more runners.

It was a most enjoyable, if short, 5.8 km run. I got lots of different aspects of the castle. I saw the carp in the moat. The streets were quiet. I felt stiff and the aches I’ve been having don’t want to go away, but my stomach was fine. Afterwards I tried to keep away from Mister Donut, my frequent haunt on earlier trips to Japan, but I discovered that I have no willpower whatsoever.


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