Chicago lakefront

I’ve been for two runs along the lakefront in Chicago on two beautiful clear days. Yesterday I ran south, which I think is the nicer direction to head from the city as you get to cross Grant Park and it is not as bleak as heading north.  Both days it was windy but while running I was completely protected from the wind. It wasn’t even all that cold.

So yesterday I retraced some of the Turkey Trot but continued past the museum, aquarium and planetarium where you can run right next to the water. From along here are good views of the city skyline, looking back. It was 8am but not many people were about. I continued on past a little beach and into some scrub. Actually the trail had a sign saying it was closed, and further on even a barricade, but I ignored these as I could see where the trail ended at a bridge. Inland I think there was some kind of scrap metal junk yard, a cemetery and nothing at all scenic. 

I turned back at the bridge and returned to Grant Park. On the way back I saw a few runners. At the top end of Grant Park I stayed by the lake and picked up the Riverwalk, so I could get back to my hotel without having to go on any roads. 12 kilometres all up.

Today I took the Riverwalk to Navy Pier, which involved an underpass. I was following someone and ended up running part way down the pier, which I had not intended, so I turned back and found my way onto the Lakefront trail again. On this side of the city the trail was wide, with two lanes for bikes and two lanes for runners, and there were plenty of runners. The trail was by the sandy lake shore, but alongside a busy road on the other side. You could see ahead a long way. It was kind of bleak, flat and quite honestly a bit disappointing.

I enjoyed passing some flocks of geese who were chomping away happily on the grass. They looked up occasionally but were very intent on their feeding. I kept going until my designated turnaround by a small cafe and park, then headed back. The views of the city were good.

Then I got confused coming back into the city. I wanted to avoid the underpass and I managed to do so but I inadvertently did some extra distance. I ended up by what I thought was the river but it was just a dead end. Eventually I found the Riverwalk and got back, same distance as yesterday.


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