Lysterfield Lake, first time this year

I've been running back at home for a couple of weeks now; it was hard work getting started again after my enforced injury break. But my cracked ribs are no longer bothering me and I just have to get used to my sore hamstring because it doesn't show much inclination to get better.
I went to Lysterfield today for my first run on hills in a while. I ended up doing the longest run I've done there, which isn't saying much as it was only 18 kilometres. But the day was going to get very hot. I started down Logan Park Rd, went to the lake and then did a loop up the side of the lake, the Tramline Track, Cloverdale, Wallaby and up and over on the Quarry Track. I came back to the car via the Glen Track and the Boys Fram Track, so altogether lots of hills. They must have been burning off in part of the park because I saw and smelt smoke along Logan Park Road, not so pleasant but it wasn't for long.
There were masses of kangaroos out which was lovely, and surprising because of the heat. Along Quarry Track some walkers had stopped to look at a king parrot in a tree. Running along the Glen Track I felt a pain in my calf and I stopped, massaged it and ran on. Pain again. This time I massaged and stretched. Pain went away. I stretched several more times and everything seemed ok. Phew.


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