Kaunertal Valley

My last run on snow for this trip, and it was a cold one. I intended to follow the winter walking trail from Feichten to Platz and back, a bit over six kilometres but I ended up getting confused about my whereabouts and doing more. However, I was very surprised when I looked out my window just before I left and saw a runner heading through the village; I've barely seen any other runners in these villages and when I have it has always been in the afternoon. Makes sense, it's warmer then.
I ran through the village and onto the winter walking trail, which paralleled the cross country ski trail, crossing and recrossing the little river twice. (It's funny that in some of these river valleys there are virtually no bridges across the river and in others there is a bridge every few minutes.) After that I climbed a little and contoured the hillside below the forest. Mostly I was on snow but there was some ice. The snow had a nice crust on it which made it firm but sometimes the crust gave way and I would suddenly plunge into deeper snow.
As I've become used to, the sun was illuminating the mountain tops but giving no warmth yet. It was very, very quiet but it was going to be a beautiful day. The snow path gave way to sealed road a couple of times, which was easier on my legs. I under stand now why so few of these routes I follow are shown on the map; they are based on trails which probably only exist when there is snow on the ground.

I passed a few villages and came to the end of the path; there was a gate and then the main road. This wasn't what I was expecting as I believed I would come into Platz and see its church.
So instead of turning into the main road I headed uphill off the signed trail on a very snowy minor trail. But it had footprints on it so I felt I would be ok. It wound uphill through the forest with no signs of descending again. The snow was deep here and relatively untracked so my feet were getting wet. I broke through the snow's crust with every footfall. I couldn't run, only walk, and after several hairpins I thought it best to turn back. I descended, slowly, to the main road and decided to follow it back for a while towards Feichten to be able to work out where I was. I was surprised to arrive after a few minutes in Platz. I had obviously overshot, and I never did see the church.
I ran through Platz and back to the walking trail and on back to Feichten. I suddenly became aware how cold it was and was anxious to be finished. My six kilometre run was actually more like ten kilometres.


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