Along the Inn river from Ried

A day off skiing so I went for a run. I was nervous about this because of all my skiing aches and pains, but I set out with my (probably) cracked ribs, lower back tightness and my still sore thumb from my skiing mishap in early January. The pain all over was pretty bad at first but after a while it was only the ribs that continued to hurt, especially when I had to blow my nose.
I wanted to follow the Via Claudia Agata, an ancient Roman route that passes through Ried and goes along the Inn river, same one I had run alongside in Innsbruck last month and in Kufstein last year.
The route started on a sealed road across the river from the town and initially passed at river level by some frosty pastures. There was ice on the road and on the path across the pastures, but it was old ice and there wasn't any snow this low down. When the road petered out I found myself among a cluster of farmhouses, almost at someone's front door. I was surprised but as there was someone standing there I motioned to him whether the path continued and he said, in German, yes you can go as far as Switzerland or Italy.
After this I entered the forest and started climbing steeply. I was in a gorge with high bluffs to my right. The trail was narrow and in places the whole trail was covered with a sheet of ice. Luckily there was a fence I could hang on to. At the highest point I had a fabulous view of the river far below, a village some way away and a bit of sunlight on the snow capped distant mountains.

Then I descended and met a sealed road. Further along I could see what appeared to be a bridge across the river; I wasn't expecting this as no bridge was marked on the map. When I got closer I saw that it was some contraption for getting logs across the river, not people.
I didn't want to miss my hotel breakfast so I turned back and retraced my route. It was mostly downhill on the way back and the sun was illuminating the mountains nicely.


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