Short run in Padua

My very short run in Padua was unexciting, the best thing about it was the total abscence of frost or ice, and the worst thing about it was that I ended up running by busy roads where the footpaths were also congested. I had planned a route that would take me through the park with the Capella Scrovegni, along to another park and then back to complete a circuit. I intended to follow the river where possible.
Shortly after leaving the Scrovegni park I realised I was not on the intended route, and I thought I might be able to run it the opposite way round. That wasn't going to happen, even after I consulted my map. I was so glad I had brought a paper map with me as I was clearly going to be completely lost.
However the running gods were shining on me and I came upon a riverside trail, first an unpaved minor road and later a footpath, alongside the river and in places alongside the old city wall. I felt I was headed in the right direction. This was pleasant off road running despite uninspiring scenery of derelict houses and a somewhat stagnant and green waterway, and I wished I had time for a longer run as the path looked to continue a long way out of the city.
All good things end and all too soon I was back on a crowded path running through the university, then on the busy street to my hotel. The run hadn't felt too bad so I guess I had satisfied my goal of getting my legs going again after the race on Sunday.


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