Riverside Bressanone

After a cold night in my hotel room (the heater was working hard making a constant and irritating noise like someone flossing their teeth but it didn't emit any heat) I was glad to get out on my hour's run. And Bressanone held the promise of lots of tracks along the river, same Isarco River as in Vipiteno.
I ran along the river as far as possible on the track going north, and then a bit further as I wondered if the path would continue beyond the industrial section. Then I crossed the river and went back south on the other bank. One side of the river had the main part of the city, and I had another good view of the Duomo and the White Tower, then became industrial. While the other bank was residential and then became quite countrified with small vineyards. The river itself had a lot of bluish ice floes and little of it was flowing. It definitely looked cold. On the horizon were the hills surrounding Bressanone, with no snow on them, and then in the distance some snowy mountains. In the centre of town there is an island in the river where it branches so I made my route a bit creative, following the other branch for a while.


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