Another run from Vipiteno

Today's run didn't turn out quite as expected and was very cold. I intended to do only about five kilometres return, to Castel Tasso just on the edge of Vipiteno and I planned a route using my map, which has not proved to be a particularly accurate map in the past but it's the best I had.
I headed out through the medieval town centre to the bike path I had noticed yesterday which should take me in the right direction. It led to the path alongside the autobahn, so far so good, but then the signs seemed to be pointing in the wrong direction to what made sense to me. I followed my instinct and was soon rewarded with the sight of a castle on the hillside in what looked like the right place. I ran towards it. Then by chance I looked to my other side and I saw the castle I was actually intending to visit (I'd seen a photo of it so I knew what it should look like). The moon was still out just above the castle.
A country road took me right to this castle on a snowy hillside, and I followed a snow covered gravel path uphill to the entrance. It was a compact and pretty castle. The main gate was open but you could only get into the castle grounds, not the building itself.

When I got back down to the road the castle was bathed in sunshine and looked lovely. The sun was also turning all the mountains around Vipiteno a shade of pink.
I took a different route back, following signs. At first I was ok, then I ran through the grounds of a farm, surely not on the intended route, but emerged on a proper path where I could see some walkers. The path took me to a country road, across the autobahn, and onto a very snowy path signed to Vipiteno. This path was alongside the river so that was nice, but this was an industrial part of town and I went the whole length of the sewage works. Even beautiful South Tirol has sewage works.
I came back into town and had no idea where I was and had to ask directions. I made it back feeling very cold having done more like nine kilometres, and I think I irritated the woman at my hotel by being so late for breakfast.


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