Innsbruck river run

I had an enjoyable 16 kilometre run in Innsbruck this morning. Last time I ran  in Innsbruck was in 2006, the Tirol Speed Marathon, but I had also been for a training run there which was psychologically significant to me. The previous weekend I had had my most disastrous marathon ever, in Phuket, and it was not only hard but it was my fiftieth marathon. The way that marathon had panned out had really upset me. After this awful experience I worried that my running days might be over so, to reassure myself, I went for a run along the Inn River in Innsbruck a few days before the Austrian marathon. I remember this run very well because it seemed like make or break time, and it went well. I don't know how far I ran, I just stayed by the river.
So this morning I set out to follow the same route. I ran through the city centre, through the Christmas market, across the river and headed west, as I had last time. The whole Innsbruck valley was in a dense fog and at 8am it was hardly daylight yet. It clearly wasn't going to be a run with great scenery. There was some old snow around but the riverside path wasn't slippery.
The river wasn't flowing all that fast, unlike last time, which had been summer, but it was the same glacial blue. I saw a few other runners. After a while there was a tiny and short lived break in the fog over one part of the mountains and I had a peek of a couple of snowy peaks, but they soon disappeared again. Then I saw a church in the distance, and thinking it was on my side of the river I decided to to turn back when I reached it, but somehow I never reached it. (I later realised it was on the other side of the river.) Instead I found myself running along the perimeter of the airport. I didn't expect there to be much action at the airport with all the fog, but I saw one plane go up.
Just beyond the airport there was a bridge across the Inn so I decided to cross the river and head back into Innsbruck on the other side of the river. Since there was a motorway close by that bank of the river I knew the path wouldn't be as nice as the one I had been following, but the idea of a loop run is always enticing.
The start of the trail on the other side was fine, until I came to a tiny creek-like branch of the river that didn't have any kind of bridge for crossing. I was surprised. The creek was too wide to jump. Luckily I noticed a sort of natural weir where there were lots of trapped logs and branches and I managed to scramble across. Almost immediately I came to another such creek, but with a bit of a detour I found the main path again. As I hit the main path I came across a couple out walking and I checked with them that the path I was on went to Innsbruck because I didn't want any more scrambling.
The rest of the run was unproblematic, but noisy from the traffic.
Later on the skies cleared and it was a beautiful sunny day, with great views of the mountains.


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