Early morning run in Sölden

Well, not that early. I had to wait for daylight first. I thought it would be nice to run along the river because it's a very pretty river partly because of being frozen in places. I managed to stay by the river bank through town, having to switch from side to side several times, and there certainly weren't any other runners about.
Once out of town I noticed a sealed path heading a bit away from the river and going through a little village so I followed that one. I thought it would eventually lead me back to the river. But soon it started to climb, and climb, and climb, until I was way above the river. The path was no longer sealed, just dirt, and it seemed to be an access path to several hillside huts among pastures..
Looking back, the view towards and beyond Sölden was wonderful: the town is in such a narrow steep-sided valley. I could see lots of snowy peaks among the many, many mountain tops. After a while the path went into forest and its condition deteriorated. As I came to a very long frozen waterfall I decided to turn back. I was concerned because if anything happened to me, like a fall, there was just nobody around and it was cold.
I hadn't been feeling cold until now but I realised my hands were freezing even though I wore gloves.  My left hand was aching where I hurt it when I fell in La Saintélyon. The return run was much easier, having a lot of downhill. It was great to run towards the fabulous view over Sölden especially as the sun was by now illuminating the higher mountain tops.


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