Christmas in Como

There only appeared to be one place to run from central Como but it was very good. We enjoyed a nice Christmas morning run along the lakefront path, passing the war memorials and stadium before reaching the Villa Olmio, one of the larger villas on the waterfront whose grounds you could actually go into.
From here we ran along the road which for a couple of kilometres is right by the water. The views across the lake to the hillsides dotted with small villages were lovely, in a slight haze. There were a few runners out and very little traffic. Then we came into Cernobbio, a longish town, and we parted company at the waterside promenade.
Not far out of Cernobbio I found myself running up a long hill. Beyond the town there was no footpath by the road and mostly not even a shoulder, but luckily there were almost no cars. There were intermittent lake views between the houses, which included some larger villas and hotels. Every tiny village appeared to have at least one old stone church with tower.
I had intended to turn back at Moltrasio Lido but it was so small I ran right past it without noticing it. I continued through Moltrasio and up another hill. When I got to the top of this one I decided it was time to turn around. Running back was fun too. Cernobbio was lively with pedestrians and the whole place had a scent of freshly baked pastries.
On Boxing Day I didn't go as far. I went past the Villa Olmio and on along the water to Cernobbio where I did a small loop by the promenade and turned back. It was hazy again by the water but the sun came out. There were a lot of runners out.
The next day I did the same. It was warmer, no haze and full sunshine. There were virtually no other runners. On my way back I did a detour through the Villa Olmio gardens on the hillside behind the villa. There would have been a wonderful view of the lake were it not for the villa in the way.


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