Certosa di Pavia

This was a real wintry run. We headed out from the town along the street towards the Certosa and then just before reaching it we turned off to start a circuit. I'd looked at the map and picked what looked a simple route where we couldn't get lost, a big square around the Certosa.
Almost immediately we were in a little village and then out of it again. All around were frosty fields and it was colder than previous days. There were frozen irrigation channels and the area was totally flat. After a while Denis turned off on a side road, which was actually the route I had intended to take, but I decided to continue on.
I passed another village and went under the railway line, then I was able to run a bit off the road on a sort of dyke along a rice paddy. The water in the rice paddy wasn't frozen. Finally I came to another village where there was a small street market setting up. I was looking for the Certosa di Pavia railway station which should have been close by, and fortunately I saw someone to ask for directions. I went through the village and then ran through a passageway under the railway line. As I ran I could hear a train announcement but I never saw the station. It seems odd that Certosa di Pavia station is in a village with a different name (although the station is called Certosa di Pavia) - confusing for visitors at any rate.
I emerged onto a bigger road and was right opposite the back entrance to the Certosa, so I had a lovely view of it in all its grandeur. But after that I had to be content with running alongside the very high wall that surrounds the Certosa grounds. Oh, but I did see one other runner.


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