2 days in Bergamo

Yesterday was another nice clear morning and we set out to run around the walls of the upper town in Bergamo. The main street in the lower town was busy but the upper town was quiet, although we saw a number of runners.
This was quite a hilly run, especially ascending to the upper town, but the views from the walls, looking out over Bergamo, whose large size surprised us, were impressive. It was pretty much possible to follow the exact contour of the walls and this meant taking many detours around some little parks. On the far side of the upper town were residential areas and the views were out to countryside, where the ground was frosty. It was nice to see mountains on the horizon.
We had to go back after breakfast to tour the sights of the upper town properly.
I liked yesterday's run so much that I went back there this morning and did two laps of the upper town. I just got up to the walls of the upper town in time to see a wonderful red sunrise over the Bergamo valley


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