Another Innsbruck run

I wanted to have a short run before heading off for a day's skiing. When I woke up and saw the totally clear blue sky I wondered if I should abandon the run and go straight to Kuhtai to ski, but the desire to run got the better of me and I set out on a short one.
This was a good move, since I got to see the mountains all around Innsbruck, whereas yesterday they were hidden by the fog. It was seriously cold, and soon I could see why: there was an icy wind and it was coming straight off a very snowy looking mountain range.
I did a loop around the river, running downstream from the Christmas market in town for a couple of bridges then crossing the river and heading upstream, past my starting point to the next bridge, and then back to the centre, and the Christmas market. Most of the time I was on a riverbank footpath so it was pleasant running despite the arctic breeze. I was very happy to get to see the Innsbruck backdrop, and I also enjoyed my trip afterwards to Die Bäker Ruetz. I've been to so many branches of this bakery but I can't help myself.
The skiing at Kuhtai was great, perfect bluebird day, except that the lifts seemed slow and the skiing part was over too fast!


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